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Rexenera 2015 – 1st edition

Despite his young age, Aryz is one of the most recognized international figures in this artistic field. His is an introspective style, with great figures and pastel and unsaturated colours. In this way, he does not want his work not to stand out over the environment; rather, he wants people to find the work and not the other way around. He came to Carballo attracted by the possibility of painting three of the walls in one side of the Forum that face each other. It is a representation based on a specific concept: the duality of being, by means of a graphic style that recalls the rhythm of the comic vignettes. The work of impressive dimensions, produced in just 10 days during the first edition of the Regenera Fest, forms a triptych in which the internal struggles that each one has to fight with himself are shown. The succession of images seems to convey an idea of certainty that whatever it happens, the end is nigh… And that sooner or later we will all end up decomposing just as the last image of the triptych.
Aryz’s work is dominated by representations of impressive and gigantic figures, where mixtures of deep emotions arise, straddling crudity and tenderness, life and death, recurring themes throughout his work. The use of pastel colours and a desaturated and intentional chromatic range allow his vibrant compositions establish a harmonious relationship with their surroundings, in this case with the Forum building and also with its surroundings.
The technique of this Catalan artist, a peculiar mixture between aerosol, brushes, rolls and plastic paint, is born out of the evolution from graffiti to large-format murals, which allow his style acquire a unique and original character over time and easily recognisable.

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