Derrubando muros con pintura, eponymous of the general project, it is the set of all artistic interventions carried out throughout the year by local talents, who come mainly from the Carballo region, as well as some international collaborations.

In late 2013, Paula Fraile and Roberta Venanzi’s O Carballo (The oak) this project, which set in motion a creative and pioneering experience that continues to grow today, turning Carballo into a reference point for street art.

The initiative managed to achieve its main objectives: to “break down” a good deal of the streets’ “feísmo” (careless urban planning and building) and the local population’s negative perception of their own town, to “build” new colourful spaces and forms that provide an avant-garde and embellished image of the town, thus improving Carballo’s image among locals and visitors alike, becoming one of the main town tourist resources.

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