Foto principal mural Galician wildlife

Galician Wildlife

  • Dulk (Antonio Segura Donat)
Rexenera 2015 – 1st edition

The Valencian artist shows in this mural his awareness of the animal world, thus reflecting the fact that his creations present an ongoing and basic message of environmental commitment. Galician Wildlife represents some of the native Galician fauna, with special attention to some endangered species in the Carballo area. Specifically, the mural refers to some species of the protected area of Razo-Baldaio, where several birds that live in this natural space are endangered.
Dulk has a peculiar style where the drawing and intense colours feature prominently. His work has cosy and tender aesthetics, which he hides behind an accurate critical and sarcastic look on the cruel situation we are submitting nature. Dulk’s current work showcases an obsessive tendency towards the representation of nature, where he represents parallel stories, with strong and weak, as well as superior and inferior characters.

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