Foto principal mural De camiño vou

De camiño vou

Derrubando muros con pintura 2014

Local artist Mon Lendoiro, Carballo’s Garabato art gallery owner, used the Rego da Balsa wall, next to Carballo’s new library as canvas; the library is used by local residents, mostly young people.
“De camiño vou” depicts an everyday scene where ecology, animals, nature and landscape stand out within the whole mural while the people are just a small part of history. In this way, all the mural elements fit together and are necessary.
According to the author’s vision, we live in a society where construction, urban ugliness and concrete invade our environment, ignoring it and destroying the landscape and trails beauty. Mon invites the spectator to stand in front of his wall, De camiño vou, and from there observe its surroundings, and see how concrete, construction, brick and urban ugliness replace the very nature of the surroundings, leaving the latter reduced to a few simple bushes and uncultivated land. To avoid this, we must respect and preserve our surroundings and the environment. Town’s areas such as the woods and Anllóns river must be looked after and preserved so that the next generations can enjoy them. This is the message that the artist tries to reflect in the mural, besides the feeling of freedom represented by the young woman in motorcycle and the boy in the bicycle. As it is often the case with Lendoiro, the use of vivid and flat colours take us to a naïf and young universe.

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