Rachele Calvo Martínez

Rachele Cavallo (Rakele) photo

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Rachele Cavallo, Rakele, is a local artist who was born in Milan (Italy), where she trained as Image and Sound Assistant Technician, in the specialty of photographic image. After moving to Spain, she continued her training in the field of advertising graphics at the Pablo Picasso School of Arts in A Coruña, which she enhanced with various training courses on graphic design and multimedia production. In her own words, she has always painted though never professionally; it was in 2014 when she begins to take her passion seriously. She has participated in numerous artistic projects ever since, with Derrubando muros con pintura among them. Rakele was part of the artists’ collective Creaformas de Carballo for two years As someone who keeps learning daily, Rakele continues to be fully immersed in the arts world with great enthusiasm, thus gaining experience and confidence.

TELEPHONE: 981 702 077     MOBILE: 698 156 402     MAIL: turismo@carballo.gal

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