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Mar de Lenda

Derrubando muros con pintura 2015

Sea snakes, mermaids and threatening giant octopuses are some of the mythological beings that inhabit the Italian-Galician artist Rachele Cavallo’s mural, in one of the walls of the CEIP Bergantiños state school’s courtyard .
This large horizontal mural represents a marine environment where different scenes based on Celtic mythology take place: there is a sea serpent emerging from the sea showing its majesty; then, there is Kraken, a giant octopus that according to mythology would attack, hit and wrap boats around with its tentacles while dragging them to its jaws; finally, there is a mermaid called “Mariña”, a legend that specifically belongs to the Rías Baixas area and is related to Saint John´s rituals.
The figures have soft and rounded shapes that give them a more delicate look, since it was intended for a young audience and the result had to be as sober as possible, as the artist explains. Likewise, the colours are used in a way that try to create a cheerful and energetic atmosphere. It is a landscape where the cliffs are a reminder of the coastline between Razo and Malpica and it shows one of the most beautiful moments of the day in Razo: sunset.

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