The sea returns to Derrubando muros…

Sep 13, 2019 | Arte urbano, Derrubando muros con pintura

The back of the changing room of the Razo soccer field will host a new mural made by the Sevillian artist Javier de la Rosa and inspired by the beach

The urban art project Derrubando muros con pintura keeps growing with new works. This time we traveled to the sea of Razo thanks to the Sevillian artist Javier de la Rosa, who will leave his trace on the back of the changing room of the Razo football field in an intervention that will last a single day on Saturday, September 14. Throughout the day he will be working in view of neighbours and Razo visitors who want to get there to observe how the creative process progresses. The mural will hide words whose inspiration comes from the beach itself and the sea of Razo: RAZO – SAND – SEA  LOVE – RESPECT – PROTECT – LIVE – MUSIC – NATURE – SUN – RECICLE – SALTPETRE – DOLPHINS – SURFING – EQUALITY – BEACH VOLLEYBALL – WIND – PROTECT – PÍLLARA DA DUNA – WAVES – YOGA – FRIENDSHIP – EQUALITY – A DREAM.

The designer and illustrator found inspiration in the beach to develop the design, which will be linked to the landscape

Javier de la Rosa takes part, along with Alba Nicolás, in Milicia Gráfica. Born in Seville in 1966, he began his studies there and then moved to Madrid developing his career until today. A creative career in which the facet of designer and graphic designer is combined with that of illustrator. His illustrations show his plastic and aesthetic interests as well as his influences, almost always explicit: the world of advertising, comics, movies, music, but also Pollock, Twombly, Lichtenstein or Hockney. He has worked in fashion, with a collection for Zara Man, for instance; and his graphic work also appears in tv shows such as Mom or This is us by production companies as Netflix, Neox, NBC…

Now he will leave his mark on Razo through Derrubando muros con pintura and with the collaboration of Raz Surf Clube, since it is through them that he is visiting Carballo and our beach. It will be the second mural that is painted on Razo, after the one located in the lifeguard post, and another of the many artistic trips that the project has made inspired by the sea and the beach. We are looking forward to seeing the result of his work!

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