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May 11, 2021 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

Once again, the public art festival will fill the streets with paintings, sprays and brushes to create six new murals: between June 3 and 13

The Rexenera FestCarballo‘s public art festival, celebrates its seventh birthday more alive that ever. In 2020 the sixth edition took place in the month of July because of COVID-19 pandemia, but in 2021 the festival recovers its usual date – the month of June and the spring- to fill once again the streets of paintings, sprays and brushes. Thus, six artists will be painting in other six walls of Carballo between the Thursday 3 and the Sunday 13 June.

During ten days, both the inhabitants of Carballo and the town visitors will be able to watch live how the artists transform little by little the urban space, filling with art corners formerly occupied by dividing or semi-abandoned walls or abandoned spaces damaged by the uncontrolled urban expansion. Besides, the festival will host parallel activities, with special attention to the guided tours that will be revealing the keys of the new murals. Anyways, all the appointments will take place respecting all the security measures and protocols regarding COVID-19.

Now we will introduce the artists invited to paint this year. They come from Spain (Madrid, Catalonia, Aragon, Andalucia and Galicia) and the international touch comes from Argentina. Here you have their names:

The festival

The Rexenera Fest, Carballo’s International Public Art Festival, is an annual event that is part of the wider project Derrubando muros con pintura. It takes place during a week in spring and it has become a yearly meeting point for the best Galician, Spanish and international urban artists.

During the festival, guest artists work simultaneously in different locations, allowing locals and visitors alike to approach Carballo and appreciate in situ participants’ art and skills well as the creative process.

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