Sokram paints again in Carballo at the Rexenera Fest

Jul 13, 2020 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

This multidisciplinary creative is an illustrator, muralist, curator of various urban art festivals and also a musician.

Sokram will be at the Rexenera Fest 2020 (from July 16 to 26) as another of its guest artists. He is a multidisciplinary creative: illustration, muralism and also music focus his main activity, in addition to his facet as curator and organizer of various urban art festivals with Mutante Creativo (his studio). Some examples are DesOrdes Creativas or Rexenera Fest itself.

His work in public spaces varies in terms of message, content and form depending on the location, always with the intention of playing with the environment in which the piece is located. He takes advantage of the shapes of the wall itself, object or building to enhance the final composition. His visual work has a strong social, critical or sarcastic component in his speeches and we can highlight his taste for irony and double meanings in the treatment of the chosen themes.

Style with comic and illustration influences

His particular style draws from graffiti, the American underground comic, contemporary Lowbro illustration and graphic design. He intermingles a firm and forceful line with volume and vector elements that are sustained by a wide range of colors and rich in nuances.

In Carballo he has already left his mark with the creation of the mural “O lapis do grafitteiro” (“The graffiti artist’s pencil”) a metaphor around the world of artistic creation wich is located on one of the walls of the Pazo da Cultura.

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