Get ready for the Rexenera Fest 2022!

May 19, 2022 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

Artists from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Galicia, Euskadi and Catalonia will be painting in Carballo from June 2 to 13: and the concerts are back!

The Rexenera Fest is back! And the artistic predictions announce intense rains of colors from June 2 to 13. They will be accompanied by a creative and musical storm, and we already anticipate that they will leave their mark on the urban landscape. We are about to live the eighth edition of an International Public Art Festival that has already become an essential event in Galician and Northern Spain urban art panorama. So, if you want to watch the creative process of the artists, live the atmosphere that can be breathed during those twelve days in Carballo, or enjoy the parallel activities and guided tours of the murals, visit us!

Creators who visit Carballo this year come from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Euskadi, Catalonia and Galicia:

  • Daan Botlek. Street artist and illustrator from the Netherlands, internationally known for his strange characters: figures, usually schematic, that he creates specifically for each wall and that often interact with the space around them, moving in and out of invisible dimensions and detaching from the skin in the process. His style is unique, and although they appear simple, his drawings are extremely complex.
  • Udatxo is the artistic name of Udane Juaristi, a Gipuzkoan artist who mixes painting with collage and the transfer technique to create her own very recognizable style. The urban character is the main axis of her works; the street, her main source of inspiration: through the photographs that she takes on her walks around the world, she creates scenes full of life and color.
  • Alba F. Sacristán, Art teacher in Barcelona, painter and muralist, she creates works of classical inspiration. The analysis of the language and concepts of classical art are very present in her murals, in which she reproduces a painting that is usually figurative, with great strength and color.
  • Marija Tiurina is the second international representative that will be this year at the Rexenera Fest. The Lithuanian artist will come to Carballo accompanied by her dreamlike characters full of color to capture her passion for painting and art.
  • Twee Muizen. The Galician representation of this year comes in tandem. Twee Muizen, which means “two mice” in Dutch, are Denís Galocha and Cris Barrientos. He studied Fine Arts and she Fashion Design. After spending some time in Amsterdam, they brought with them, in addition to the name, many creative ideas. They began to portray them in Cris’s dolls and Denís’s paintings. Based in Catalonia, they painted their first mural in a party room in Saviñao.
Rexenera Fest 2022 poster with the names of the five artists of this year

Every year a fundamental part of the festival are the PARALLEL ACTIVITIES. So, in addition to painting, Twee Muizen will also lead an Introductory Workshop on tufting gun, or tapestry with wool, which will be held from June 8 to 10. The registration period is now open. To participate you just have to send an email attaching your portfolio to <>.

In addition to this workshop, once again there will be guided tours around all the murals, family games and, on Saturday the 11th, a vermouth session with Familia Caamagno and DJ Mil, who will also be at the closing party. You will have all the info punctually on social networks:


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