One hour to explore Derrubando Muros

Mar 29, 2019 | Derrubando muros con pintura, Rexenera Fest, Visitas guiadas

If you do not have the time to discover the 66 walls that are hidden in the streets of Carballo, we propose a small teaser to explore the magic of Derrubando muros con pintura. If you have a spare hour, you already have a plan!

We include within the walk 14 works that you can discover for yourself through the information panels that you can find in each mural. We provide the title, the author, the year of creation, a chronological numbering and a QR Code with all the information about the work, including an explanatory text and images online. The route is organized following a logical tour so you can make the most of your time.


Section 1. We start at the Tourist Office, in Martin Herrera Street. There you can always ask for information, maps or even help to make the tour, so it is a good starting point. Right there we have two walls, Músico (The Musician) by Eva Facal and A Eira das Meigas (“Wittch’s Field “) by Nana and Nada. After seeing them, we walk past the church, down the street of the same name (Iglesia Street / Church Street) and we see one of our most recent murals, No titlle by Lula Goce, from Rexenera Fest 2018.

Section 2. We cross over the river, we follow its course and we go through an alley by the San Martiño to climb up some stairs and get to the Fomento Street, where we meet A pena da moura (“The Stone of the Moorish”) by Nömada. We continue down Fomento Street and turn down Río Street to discover another of the recent works of the Rexenera Fest 2018, Artemisia Vulgaris by Doa.

Section 3. From there we go straight down Xirona Street and Pan Street to reach Pazo da Cultura, since in its surroundings there are three murals: Morriña (“Yearning”) by Hyuro; Visitando el consultorio (“Visiting the doctor’s”) by Curiot; and O lapis do graffiteiro (“The pencil of the graffiti”) by Sokram. We go back along Pan Street to Luis Calvo Street and head towards Ponte Street. Along the way, we find the children’s fantasy of Elefante by Mon Lendoiro. And later, we look out onto Barcelona Street to see the Home Carballo (“Oak Man”) by Nove Nö3l.

Section 4. We return to Luis Calvo street and to the right in Ponte Street we see the nymph Ofelia, by Nana. We turn to go up Poñente street to see the Tribu Humana (“Human Tribe”) by Jorit. We continue up and in the distance we see the last mural of our path, but before  that, we have a surprise on Avenida da Cristina, where we find the Petra Mater by argentinian  Bosoletti. And the route ends at the beginning with A orixe 2 (“The origin 2”) by MOU on the corner between Avenida de las Flores and Fábrica Street. A mural that the author made on two occasions, because the first one disappeared when the building in which it stood was demolished.

And we have already finished. One hour, or a little more if you stop to read the information and the history of each mural carefully, to make a route through Carballo walls. Who does not have a free hour? Discover them!


Below you can consult the map with all the murals of the route, as well as a gallery with some of the works that you will find along the way. Fancy a walk?

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