New murals for the Carballo open-air museum!

Sep 27, 2021 | Arte urbano, Derrubando muros con pintura

Derrubando muros con pintura grows to a total of 92 walls after the incorporation of 10 new murals during the year 2021

Derrubando muros con pintura has already 92 works in the urban area of Carballo. During the spring and summer of 2021, a total of 10 new murals were incorporated through two initiatives: on the one hand, the Rexenera Fest street art festival, which took place from June 3 to 13; and on the other hand, Derrubando Muros con Pintura – Summer Edition, in which four young Carballo artists have contributed to increasing the pieces of the town open-air museum. In the case of the summer edition of Derrubando Muros, we must highlight the performance of Isa Bermúdez, Nere Rama «Bailando na lúa», Nazaret and Tucho. All of them are under 25 years old and even so they managed to create in 10 days four works with very different techniques, themes and formats.  The have certainly demonstrated their artistic quality and a promising future.

Here you have the titles, themes and addresses of these four new murals, in case you want to visit them:

  • “Crianças” (“Children”)Nazaret FrancoIglesia Street (San Martiño parking area). Also called “Children”, it is inspired by the photographs of Sebastião Salgado, a Brazilian photographer and photojournalist well known for his images of people in less developed countries or in poverty, generally in black and white. Nazaret performs an interpretation of these girls and boys of the war portrayed by Salgado. She tried to capture the great contradiction that the photographer’s works reveal: children without childhood.


  • “A liberdade interior” (“Inner freedom”)Nere Rama “Bailando na lúa” (Municipal Playground). The mural deals with the purest freedom that we carry within, the same that makes us feel, flourish, grow and (re) live. The main motivation that the artist had to carry he mural out was all the affection that the location gave her and that she always carries in her memories. It is a place that Rama frequented during her childhood and that guards thousands of good moments. Childhood is what marks you in some way to become what you want to be over the years, and it is the most essential period to flourish and be free. Loving a lot and being lucky enough to be raised  learning the importance of being free and thus being able to thrive thanks to that very fact: that is the main thing that Nere Rama sought to convey for that place. Tranquility, memories, the passing of time and a lot of love.
Mural “Crianças” (“Children”) by Nazaret Franco
  • “Herdanza” (“Inheritance”)Isa Bermúdez (Xazmíns Street crossing with Tomiño). A grandmother and her grandson are making a plant grow. The grandmother is thus giving the grandson the knowledge to sow, care for and love the land. Bermúdez explains that she had the idea watching how parents or grandparents complain that girls and boys spend a lot of time with “machines”; but later when the children play or they go to the playground, everybody tells them to be careful. They could stain their clothing, they could hurt themselves … and so they are not allowed to investigate and experiment on their own with dirt, as every child should do.


  • “KLK MANIN”Tucho (Fábrica Street). In a window over the Atlantic Ocean, a woman rests on the seashore. She seems to levitate, calm, contemplating the horizon while the viewer’s gaze interrupts this intimate moment. In the sand of the beach there are a lot of graffiti that reflect, in contrast to the woman, a more primary, urban and visceral painting: the result of the human need to leave a mark. To be fair, the graffiti are also the fruit of the picaresque tree. On the horizon we can see the Sisargas Islands, although here they are shaped like a typical Carballese bread (“mollete”) because this mural is “máis de Carballo que o pan” (“more typical of Carballo than bread”).

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