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Rexenera Fest 2017 – 3rd edition

Sekone is an interdisciplinary artist who works on drawing, painting, graphic design and mural painting. His permanent curiosity pushes him to explore diverse pictorial means, which results in an obsession for the detail and technique improvement, going from one medium to another and creating a discourse that draws on nostalgia, the absurd, the daily routine and his own vital and creative intimacy in equal measure.
Following on the steps of some previous works in mural format, Sekone composed for Rexenera Fest an image with an extraordinary and undeniable visual impact, located in one of the town’s main roads. An image that is graphically direct but conceptually open to the spectator’s interpretation that symbolises several simultaneous reflections.
On the one hand, it refers to the ongoing personal and artistic journey between error and frustration, an intrinsic and unavoidable path for the human being that makes us improve as people and grow as creators both in technique and in narrative discourse. And on the other hand, another interpretation refers to the topical dichotomy between vandal graffiti and contemporary mural art, two sides of the same coin that may have more sides than previously thought.

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