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Untitled – Cinta Vidal

Rexenera Fest 2017 – 3rd edition

After leaving her mark on the Old Station’s side wall, Cinta offered us a new work, which we may stumble upon as if by magic. Faithful to her style and following the challenge of understanding this destabilising balance, she filled one of the Old Station’s rear walls, which was particularly broken and patched, with a whole series of houses that turn around a central axis, along with others that seem to be moving away.

Merging this work with the frame where they are represented, Cintia manages to surprises us again with a very characteristic style based on architectures that challenge our balance, featuring a more schematic style than in her main mural while at the same time clearly showing the artist’s whole universe.

The mural is located on Arcebispo0Romero Lema Street, in Rego da Balsa Park.

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