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Untitled – Pixel Pancho

Rexenera 2015 – 1st edition

Pixel Pancho’ s mural was certainly one of the most talked about murals within the Rexenera Fest first edition; this may have been so perhaps because the artist chose three little pigs, and not other animals of better aesthetic reputation, for his Gran Vía Street work.
The Italian artist Pixel Pancho usually incorporates in his works robotic figures as a way of expressing a sharp critique of a capitalist world where the mechanization of the food industry is an endemic evil. His work (murals, paintings and sculptures) constitutes a structure of interconnected stories that have a surrealist world inhabited by rotting robots as common thread. Their humanised bodies of steel and copper, full of physical and gestural analogies, are filled with rust and repeatedly fall into the loop of oblivion. Through historical and contemporary references, his compositions acquire a metaphorical sense that teleports us to our space-time.
This is what Pixel Pancho did in Carballo, a critique of the dehumanisation of the agrifood industry and the mistreatment of animals that are considered solely for their productive capacity, as simple commodities without feelings or capacity for suffering, without greater consideration for their living conditions.
The reading of the three pigs here represented must be done from the bottom up, from the natural to a totally machine-led world.

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