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Untitled – Case Maclaim

Rexenera 2016 – 2nd edition

Case, also known as Andreas van Chrzarowski, co-founder member of the world-famous Ma’Claim Crew, is a historical pioneer of photorealism in graffiti and one of the style’s main representatives in contemporary mural art.
Being faithful to his style, Case left in Carballo a sample of his art with the aerosol, showing us the power of movement through the hands that tie the shoelaces, hands that express movement with colours but also with a superposition of planes. The mural occupies several surfaces in the Forum building, where the feeling of movement increases as the artist plays with the spectator: if we move, the scene moves with us.
Using this idea as a starting point, the German artist talks to us about the way forward with different obstacles to avoid before reaching our final destination. A journey with ups and downs, which is why we must lace up our shoes well before getting up and walking again. An ongoing struggle against time, obstacles and the barriers we may encounter.

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