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Rexenera Fest 2017 – 3rd edition

Animalitoland is the visual universe of Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva, an Argentinian artist of Portuguese origin who currently lives in Madrid. A world of magical creatures that feed on feelings and adopt multiple shapes and colours, inviting us to jump into the image and hear how our hidden self murmurs a small song.
In the words of the artist: “We live harassed by a darkness that gradually makes us fall into a deep slumber. I think that imagination and sensitivity are forgotten tools that need more training. Connecting with strangers from all origins and cultures made me think of this universal language that we all know instinctively although we don’t necessarily speak every day.”
The work she left on Anllóns Street speaks of encounters and the experiences we can have with other people and how they influence us, leaving impregnated memories and shaping us in some way.
Being faithful to her style, close to children’s illustration and the world of animation, Animalitoland shows us two figures that seem to mimic each other, two figures from very different worlds; but this does not matter when it comes to sharing experiences. The work stands out for its colour, especially for the great saturation used, which offers the spectator a great visual impact.

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