Impressionism and avant-garde vibes at Rexenera Fest 2021 with Iván Floro

May 27, 2021 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

A self-taught artist, one of his latest works is the cover and several illustrations for the album by the renowned Spanish musician C. Tangana: El madrileño

We instroduce another of the artists who will be in Carballo during Rexenera Fest 2021 between June 3 and 13. We are talking about Iván Floro (1993) -aka Van Vuu– an  artist and muralist born and raised in Mataró (Catalonia). He was interested in drawing from an early age. But it is during the years of bachillerato (High School) when Floro begins to paint daily in factories and abandoned places. He decides not to follow a classical artistic training and in 2014 he begins to experiment with oil painting. Floro learns how to handle this technique by looking at the grandmasters paintings through the screen of his computer. Shortly after, he regularly attends lessons -specillay focused on drawing from life- along with other fellow painters of the Barcelonan contemporary scene.

With a pictorial style close to impressionism, the topics he depicts on his works are fresh and versatile. He is also depely influenced by his  belonging to the generation of the 90s. His pieces are usually a mixture between seriousness and irony, and they recall childhood memories or present day images full of references to the current counterculture.

Collaboration with C. Tangana

One of his last projects is the creation of the cover of the well known Spanish musician C. Tangana‘s last work -titled El Madrileñoas well as  illustrations for several songs in this work. How did he get to collaborate with the popular singer? According to Floro himself in Condé Nast Traveller magazine: “The collaboration arose from a mutual admiration towards him and his team.” Regarding the final result, the artist adds: “We have been able to strike a balance between what they were looking for and what I am looking for as an artist From what was going to come out in the video clips, we handled the work ”. He has illustrated three songs on the album: Comerte Entera, Tú me Dejaste de Querer and Demasiadas Mujeres.

He is also interested in other type of projects. We can point out his participation in the collective exhibitions Creença (2018, Berga, Barcelona), Tapia (2019, Barcelona) and Homeless (2019, Miami, United States) curated by Axel Void, as well as the exhibition Eros in the painting of today  (2020) in the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), in Barcelona. His walls can be found all over Spain as well as in United States, Italy or Egypt.

Cover of the last album by C. Tangana, El Madrileño (close-up)

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