Find all the murals of the Rexenera Fest

Jul 15, 2020 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

You can look up the location of the five murals to be painted in the 2020 edition of the festival, as well as the works from previous editions

If you visit Carballo between July 16 and 26 you will have the opportunity to see live how the artists are creating the murals of the Rexenera Fest. The evolution of the walls, the technique they use, the initial sketches…  So that you don’t miss a thing, here you have the online map with the locations of each of the five murals.

We also provide the map with the location of all the urban art murals that have been painted in all previous editions of the festival since 2015, including those that are in process these days, as well as the complete program in PDF.

We are waiting for you in Carballo!

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