Derrubando muros travels to Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, France and Latvia

Mar 4, 2019 | Derrubando muros con pintura, Rexenera Fest

Thanks to the involvement of a local school in the Erasmus + programme, images of our walls are spreading across Europe

Carballo’s street art project demolishes walls, but it also demolishes borders. Not only because many international artists coming from places such as India, Japan or Argentina have left their art pieces in our village; but also because, these days, thanks to girls and boys who are no more than 11 years old, images of ur walls are travelling all over Europe.

Pupils from CEIP Bergantiños Elementary School are walking through the streets of Carballo photopraphing our street art pieces. Accompanied by their teachers and with the help of our available guided tours and with the QR codes which provide interesting information from each of the walls, they learn about art and photography within the framework of the international Erasmus + programme. And through this same project, these photos will reach distant places like Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, France and Latvia and will be shared with teachers and students from other schools, partners of the teaching centre from Carballo in this European programme.

Erasmus + promotes international cooperation between teaching centres and also, in this case, the use of new technologies, the acquisition of critical thinking, the acquisition of knowledge about art and photography and the application of everything learned by the students in their daily work and activities within the classroom. And above all, the sharing of all these new information among the schools of the six participating countries. In addition, five children will travel in May to France, together with several teachers, to share in person their experiences from the project.

Breaking down borders!

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