If you want to wander around Carballo and let the murals surprise you, you can end up making up your own route thanks to our virtual guided tour. You only need a mobile phone to live the experience and an application to read the QR codes that you have available on information panels in front of each mural. When you come across any of the graffiti, you look for the panel, you click and all the information about the wall will pop up.

Download the app for reading QR codes:

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are square-shaped barcodes that can store data. Most of the time the code refers to information contained in a website. In each of the 72 murals of Carballo there is an informative panel in which you can find – in addition to the title of the work, the author, the year of creation, or a numbering of the mural in chronological order – a QR Code with which access all the information about the artistic work, including an explanatory text and images of the wall. The goal is for everyone to live and enjoy the paintings how and when they want.

The signaling also incorporates an NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna, a system that is used, for example, in contactless payment of credit cards or in mobile payments, and that allows visitors to access almost instantly to the contents if the NFC system is activated on the mobile.

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