Carballo: an open-air museum

Oct 25, 2018 | Derrubando muros con pintura, Rexenera Fest

Our murals offer a unique opportunity to enjoy art without barriers

Museum: a building where collections of objects of historical, artistic, technical interest are kept and exhibited to the public…Or is it? What about a museum with no building? And what about stumbling across some paintings that are genuine artwork just by wandering down the street and enjoying them over a coffee?

In Carballo, we can do this thanks to Derrubando Muros con pintura and Rexenera Fest, whose works of art offer a proper open-air museum with a wide range of creative proposals that continue to grow yearly. Visitors are surprised whenever they walk the streets and discover mural painting on almost every corner, as there are more than sixty.

The first stages of the project were coordinated by the Italian artist Roberta Venanzi and La Mancha’s Paula Fraile, who began with the inaugural mural (The Oak) in a building’s party wall in one of the town’s main entrances. Months later, a team of local artists joined the project, and little by little muralists and graffiti artists arrived from all over the world, from places such as India, Japan, Argentina, Poland, Portugal… this journey has not finished yet!.

Don’t hesitate to visit us, entry fees do not apply!

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