Carballo: “bizarre route”

Apr 15, 2021 | Arte urbano, Derrubando muros con pintura

Derrubando Muros’ murals are once again news on television, this time in a travel program that visits different and original places

It is not the first time that Carballo’s murals (almost 90 by now) arouse the curiosity of the media, in addition to the visitors who come every year to see our open-air museum. On this occasion, it was the TV show Rutas Bizarras broadcasting in La 2 by RTVE. It is a proposal that shows the Spain that does not appear on the tourist routes, that strange, crazy, surprising, sometimes incredible, but always fascinating country in which our murals have found their place. Thought as a documentary series, in Rutas Bizarras actors Marta Hazas and Xosé Touriñan discover us, in a humorous tone, the strangest, incredible and surprising landscapes or sites of our geography.

In the first episode of the season, they visited Galicia and dedicated a fragment of the program to interviewing Yoseba MP, an artist who is devoted to making a series of pieces of Galician “super grandmothers” and who painted in our walls the mural Fina de Carballo: a muller Nitromón. Afterwards, they took a tour of some of our most prominent murals.

In the video below you can watch the fragment of the program in which our public art project appears and in which, in addition to the interview with Yoseba MP, the following murals can be seen:

Fina de Carballo: a muller Nitromón | Yoseba MP

A Orixe 2 |MOU

Sin título | Case Maclaim

Galician Wildlife | Dulk

Tribu humana | Jorit

Cara liberdade | O’Mighelo

I missed you | Natalia Rak 

Marta Hazas and Touriñán in front of the mural I missed you by Natalia Rak

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