Twee Muizen

Cristina Barrientos y Denís Galocha

Twee Muizen

Tooltip Text España (Santiago de Compostela)

Twee Muizen are two Galician artists, Denís and Cris. Denís studied Fine Arts, and Cris Fashion Design. They got together, fell in love and when working in a Dutch warehouse they decided to change that corporatism for a smaller place, but with more life. They returned to Galicia and brought the name with them: Twee Muizen, which in Dutch means two mice. Both grew up in towns near Santiago de Compostela, places with a lot of mountains, animals and nature. And this is something that can be seen in their work.

They form the perfect synergy, combining illustration, painting and the creation of their recognizable art toys. Unique pieces designed, drawn, cut out, sewn and sent by themselves. They currently live and work in Barcelona, where they combine their workshop with a gallery area where they show their latest pieces and with their career as muralists.

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