Samia Singh

Samia Singh

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A native of New Delhi, India, Samia Singh studied Visual Communication at the School of Art and Design is Srishti, Bangalore. From a family where the arts are highly valued, she has a curious mind and a watchful eye that is always looking for new stories and ideas. She worked as artistic director for the Tehelka magazine in India for several years and she obtained a scholarship that led her to study engraving in Florence, Italy. Samia has worked for The Economist, Standard Chartered, Max Hospitals, Sports Illustrated, Clinique, National Geographic Travel and Pan Macmillan, along with several independent projects including print and web design, as well as illustration and urban art. Currently, she is also the creative director of Preet Nagar Residency, an artistic residency in Punjab, India. Samia explores humor and storytelling through illustrations, prints, graphic design and music.

In her own words:
“Art and design are some of my closest friends. I think about them every time I’m happy and something comes from them to rescue me every time I’m sad. There’s nothing I can’t tell them about. I used to do a lot of diaries, when I was a little girl, when I was in a boarding school. Collecting paper and souvenir wrappers. This habit continues and you can see that in my work. Daily life and traveling always end with notes, screenshots, prints, paper samples, typographical ideas, colour samples, textures, text ideas, smells and recipes. Everything for feeding the soul. The same for art. Any feeling I experience can be expressed through metaphors and analogies. Exploring different texts and humor provides more ideas. Ideas and inspiration intertwine, Art & Design forms the link between my inner and outer world. A stratified language that communicates beyond words.”

In Carballo, she left us an example of her language in the form of a large-format, participatory graphic story.

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