María López  y Javier de Riba

Din que chove - Reskate no Rexenera Fest 2020

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Reskate is an artistic collective formed by Minuskula (María López – 1980) and Javier de Riba (1985). They are visual artists from Donostia and Barcelona respectively. His studio workshop is located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona. They started working together creating the project Reskateboarding. It was born with the intention of rescuing abandoned skateboards to paint and restore them giving them a second life. From 2011 to 2014 they curated, produced and organized exhibitions across Europe until they decided to establish their art studio with the same name: Reskate Studio. As an artistic collective, they question their style in each project, firmly believing that the aesthetics, techniques and materials used should never be thoughtless or gratuitous; rather, they must exist solely as a vessel to convey and amplify the underlying message of the work.

They are influenced by classic sign painting, popular culture, and graphic design. Their work includes murals, illustrations, exhibits, and installations. In their murals, they present works that connect with the space that surrounds them, representing stories and facts of the local culture. Actually, the murals inspired by old posters are part of the initiative Reaction project, in which they reflect on the use of public space as the social network that it is. Through a retro-advertising style, they present a message free of any product to demand expressions in the public space that collectively improve society.

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