Pichi Avo

Pichiavo - Rexenera Fest 2019

Tooltip Text España (Valencia)

Pichi (1977) and Avo (1985) are a Spanish artistic duo, recognized for their ability to create relationships between art, architecture, sculpture, space and social contexts, adopting a highly attractive and performative approach, resounding in their artistic discourse and fully innovative in their mergers. In their art we can identify the perfect deconstruction of classical art and the most current Urban Art to create a new fusion that, being faithful to its classical heritage, produces a new vision of art.

They merged into PichiAvo in 2007, fleeing the graffiti egocentrism, they come together to give birth to an individual work that recites a conceptually urban poetic, born from the artistic formalism of the street, transferring fragments of the wall to the canvas and vice versa in a highly personal vision. In 2019 they were in charge of creating the Municipal Falla in the Event Fallas of Valencia along with veteran fallero artists Latorre and Sanz.

TELEPHONE: 981 702 077     MOBILE: 698 156 402     MAIL: turismo@carballo.gal

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