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Paula Fraile Robledo

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Paula Fraile is an artist from La Mancha who lives in A Coruña, where she currently has her studio. Trained in Fine Arts, illustration, engraving and printing, she has developed many artistic projects within different fields. She has filled with colour many walls in Galicia, as well as in different Spanish and international cities; she is currently focused on teaching art to the young learners.

Her mural work features geometric forms, psychedelia, details, the use of an intense palette of colours, and the integration and symbiosis of motifs with elements characteristic of their medium: the form and its irregularities. In Carballo, she initiated the urban art project Derrubando muros con pintura with the mural O Carballo (The Oak), which she painted together with the Italian artist Roberta Venanzi; and she has also filled with colour a building with Psicodelia (Psychedelia) in the Catro Portas (Four doors) area, both in Carballo’s entrance and exit roads. Paula and Roberta were the initial coordinators of the Derrubando muros con pintura (Breaking down walls with painting) project.

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