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Nö3l is a Galician born in Rianxo (A Coruña). He is one of the main representatives of the Galician urban art diverse scene, with influences ranging from comic to graffiti. He studied Illustration at the Pablo Picasso Art School in A Coruña (EASD) and Audiovisual Communicaton at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He was awarded for his work in the 3rd Concurso de Ilustración Sociedad Valle del Oro (2010) and GZ Crea (2012 and 2017), and was granted creation and artistic residency grants in Cordoba (Spain), Angouleme (France) and Guadalajara (Mexico) where he had his first solo exhibition at the Galeria Apollinaire in May 2016.

His style stands out for its strong expressiveness, in which the gestures of the comic languages are unequivocally present and a complex and graphically dense pictorial technique, an amalgam of forms and concepts that he draws from different sources such as postgraffiti, design and contemporary illustration. With a clear and refined line, he tells graphic stories mixing material with rural organic mechanics. From the subconscious imagination through the narrative of sequential art, forms and color ranges emerge to communicate feelings, memories and emotions brought from the other side of the mirror.

In recent years he has been invited by different events, such as Desordes Creativas (Ordes), O Marisquiño (Vigo), Cul-Tur (Vizela, Portugal), Intramurs (Valencia), Festival Pintura Fresca (Tlajomulco, Mexico), MUJAM (Mexico City) and the Festival Muros Despiertos (Acapulco, Mexico).

Nö3l participated in the Rexenera Fest of 2016, creating the mural on 22, Barcelona Street.

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