Nazaret Franco Rodríguez

Nazaret Franco

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Nazaret Franco Rodríguez, Nazaret, is an artist from Carballo. She is studying at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid a double degree in Fundamentals of Architecture + Comprehensive Design and Image Management, showing special interest to drawing and painting. Among her hobbies we can find rhythmic gymnastics, she being a coach as well as a federated athlete. She was one of the creators of the postcards for the Máis de Carballo que o pan (“more typical of Carballo than bread”) campaign for the Carballo Council, in which she created a postcard inspired by the Mariño Chocolates,very renowned in the town an adroad. Despite her youth, she was invited to paint in the project Derrubando Muros con Pintura – Summer Edition  in the San Martiño car park, in which she created an image inspired by the photographs of Sebastião Salgado.

Here are her answers to our “Derrubando test” to get to know her a little better:

  1. Favourite place: Razo‘s high viewpoint
  2. Favourite food: octopus
  3. A colour: yellow
  4. A word: “campal” (pitched battle; figuratively, something really huge and cool)
  5. One feeling: saudade (longing)
  6. Favourite artist: Bansky
  7. Favourite Carballo’s mural: Untitled Pichiavo
  8. An artistic technique: India ink
  9. In ten years I will be… at Sofán’s festivities


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