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Diana Rodeiro, aka Nana, is an artist from Ordes who is a member of 7H Cooperativa Cultural (
She is an illustrator and urban artist. She has shown a great interest in art since she was a child,when she attended drawing and painting courses. She studied Artistic Jewellery at the Escuela Superior de Arte e Diseño Maestro Mateo and she worked as such for several years. In 2006, her curiosity for graffiti opened up a world of colours and she began to leave her mark in the streets throughout the country. Thanks to her passion for the spray, she decides to study illustration at the Pablo Picasso School of Art and Design and turn her hobby into a professional career. Through these years, she has participated in different urban and graffiti exhibitions and festivals, such as the MAD Poster Art in Madrid, the Sanfest in Guadalajara, the International Festival Creative Disorders in Ordes, Derribando muros con pintura in Carballo and the Compostela Skate, among others. She was part of the Desórdenes Creativos festival organisation together with the collective Mutante Creativo for eight years. Currently, she combines her work as an artist with artistic education, delivering graffiti, mural painting and painting workshops and courses for all ages.
In Carballo created the mural Ofelia.

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