Milu Correch

Milu Correch

Milu Correch - Rexenera Fest 2019

Tooltip Text Arxentina (Bos Aires)

Milu Correch was born, lives and, in her own words, will probably die in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has always had an interest in art and a few years ago she learnt to transfer small images to square meters. The walls were gradually adding up, and this new side of her work allowed her to travel with a brush and a roll in hand. She has stained walls in her hometown, in other Argentine cities and elsewhere across the Atlantic.

She is currently trying to improve her technique wall by wall, brushstroke by brushstroke. She proposes ideas with the will to leave some impact on the places where she paints and, as an artist, she confronts the dominant capitalist model that has turned art into decoration and where the artist is assimilated and has to face the dilemma of exhibiting in such a system.

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