Marta Lapeña

Marta Lapeña

Marta Lapeña -Rexenera Fest 2021

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Marta Lapeña (Ólvega, Soria 1993) is a plastic artist and muralist that at the moment lives and works in Madrid. Graduate in Interior Design by the Polytechnical University of Madrid, she decides by vocation to devote to the painting and to the investigation and study of different techniques. She later on focused on the conception and development of different artistic projects. She has attended several training courses and she participates in notable experiences that led her to exhibit her work in different galleries, fairs of art, cultural centres and festivals of urban art as part of her professional path.

Her work navigates between the painting and the muralism. It sometimes materialises in specific projects; but other times it is reflected in more experimental proposals. Her art is of course influenced by the experiences of the daily life and the social problems that concern her. Actually, through her art, she tries to look forward to the equality at all levels: social, cultural and natural.

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