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Lola Oviedo

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Tooltip Text España (A Coruña/Caión)

Lola Oviedo is an artist from A Coruña with a long career who lives in Caión, the fishing village of A Laracha which is very close to Carballo. She studied Pedagogy at the University of Santiago de Compostela and engraving at the International Centre of Contemporary Printing (CIEC) and the Museum of Fine Arts in A Coruña; back in the 80s, she also traine in weaving techniques. After furthering her skills in different techniques, she began her experience as a self-taught painter. She is a member of Ravar, a group of artists from the province of A Coruña. Engraving is Lola’s main artistic activity but she also deals with large formats such as murals. In Carballo, she created a sea-themed mural uniting painting with “sewn lines” and more poetry, expressing not only those deep roots rooted in the sea but also her style, her roots in engraving and textil work.

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