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Laura Tova studied Illustration at the EASD Pablo Picasso in A Coruña and she completed her studies with various international illustrators such as Chris Haughton, Pablo Amargo, Chiara Carrer, Joan-en la Concejo, Gina Thorstensen as well as with the engraver Alfonso Costa. She created her own line of illustrated products in which her images come to life in different media, participating in different design markets such as Central de Madrid, Culturgal (Pontevedra), Peter’s Room, and Mercado da Estrella. She is also the author of the image design for the campaign “SemecachaDesCóntovos” since 2015 and “O mundo que queremos” for Book Week in 2017. All this work is combined with participation in a number of group exhibitions and illustration and desktop publishing workshops for all ages and workshops for creating and designing logos.
Illustration is her preferred medium but her works also reach large formats such as the various murals she made in Carballo. Through images, she communicates with the world, telling small stories that arise from everyday experiences and learning.
As she explains, when drawing, she likes to play, she leaves a lot of room for improvisation and she believes that the message inside needs to force its way out. They are very simple images, and she tries to give each element a meaning and a clear relation between all its components in order to convey a story where visual metaphors are the main protagonists.

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