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Isaac Mahow is an Aragonese illustrator and muralist based in Zaragoza. His artistic career dates back to the early 90s, when he became fully involved in graffiti and later expanded his knowledge with various university studies related to illustration and design. Passionate about sculpture, animation, children’s stories and absurd humour, he mixes everything under the direct influence of graffiti, and he defines himself as being closer to Lowbrow than to other contemporary movements.
In his works the cutting and clean forms stand out, mixed with other sinuous and degraded ones, two features that create a recognisable style and an ever wider language which allow for different messages, lots of symbolisms and visual metaphors. His style is close to tattooing and has a lot of poetry.
In the last few years, Isaac has had different exhibitions and has participated in international festivals. He is currently working on personal projects in his studio “Aguja y Tinta” in Zaragoza, combining them with the activity that takes up most of his time: tattoing. In addition, he coordinates the group dedicated to visual arts, “Verde Guacamole”.
He participated in the Regenera Fest 2016, creating the mural on Chile street 6-8.

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