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With the seemingly simple act of miniaturisation and a studied and suggestive location, Isaac Cordal magically broadens the imagination of the passers-by who come across his sculptures in the street. The series entitled Cement Eclipses  is a critical definition of our behaviour as social mass. Through this series of works, the artist seeks to focus our attention on our fragile relationship with nature through a critical and sarcastic look that targets the collateral effects of our evolution as a species. His sculptures, which usually do not exceed 25 centimeters height, are placed in specific places that quickly open doors to other worlds, as the North American Charles Simonds had already done in the 1970s with Dwellings , small vestiges of false civilizations in miniature integrated into the architecture of buildings at street level.

Cordal’s work contrasts with the magnificence of the great mural; its miniaturisation moves us and reflects the loneliness of the individual drowned in the urban environment and how large cities quash the difference; customs and rite lose their uniqueness, thus feeding the slow demise of uprooting. It may be hard to admit but, unfortunately, all the big cities resemble each other while the distinct local culture is relegated and ignored.

He left two pieces in Carballo: Os veciños 1 (Neighbours 1) e Os veciños 2 (Neighbours 2).

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