Doa Ocampo Álvarez

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Doa Ocampo, «Doa» has had a passion for drawing, painting and photography, among other disciplines, siince she was a child. And also from a very young age she has experimented with different expressive techniques. She has studied art and photography in Galicia, Mexico and Portugal. Later on, she realised she could help the environment restoring lost spaces, which is why she set up the Reforestando (Reforesting) project that aims to transform public spaces through a “site specific” mural intervention with a green-based topic. The goal is that of restoring natural spaces.

This idea’s main driving force is the urgent need to recognise and respect the natural environment and the entire plant kingdom as well as raising awareness about the fact that we are all part of the world as a whole. As she explains, «Reforesting is integration through transformation. It is a search for life through adaptation. Reforesting transforms visually abandoned spaces into life, counteracting one of many other visual maladjustments of which we are a part ».

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