Danil Muñoz “SAN”

Daniel Muñoz

Artist photo

Tooltip Text España (Cáceres)

Daniel Muñoz’s work has always been figurative; he started his career exclusively using the public space as way of reaching a wider audience.
>br class=”xliff-newline” /> His language is made up of symbols and codes that prompt an attentive reading, halfway through the classical painting narrative and the sociological discourses of contemporary art. Muñoz’s works lead us to different and confusing interpretations, despite introducing everyday facts and anecdotes, based on rather mundane clichés. Over the last few years, Daniel has widely exhibited and intervened throughout Europe, North America, South America, Russia and the Middle East.

TELEPHONE: 981 702 077     MOBILE: 698 156 402     MAIL: turismo@carballo.gal

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