Case Maclaim

Andreas Van Chrzarowski

Case Maclaim

Tooltip Text Alemania (Frankfurt)

The German artist Andreas van Chrzarowski, aka Case Maclaim, is a co-founder member of the world-famous M’Claim Crew and a historical pioneer of photorealism in graffiti. He has become one of the main representatives of this style in contemporary mural art.

With the aerosol as an action tool, Andreas shows the power of movement through the universality of the hands as a crucial communicative icon in his artistic career. Power and movement play essential roles within the character of his work, inspiring him to communicate strong messages of unity and power, using the superimposition of hands as a symbol.

During the last two decades, he has traveled around 20 countries participating in the most important mural art events in the world. He has “literally” left his fingerprint on each of them through this universal language; after all, a hand gesture is worth a thousand words.

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