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Nerea Rama Pereiro

Nere Rama - Bailando na lúa

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Nerea Rama Pereiro (1999) was born in Geneva, but she is a Carballese who is currently studying the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Vigo. She combines her studies with the management of several personal projects, all of them linked especially to painting and drawing, as well as to photography and video. Also known as Bailando na lúa (Dancing on the moon), her interest in art appeared in her day-to-day life when she was a child, as she painted her first canvases when she was only 9 years old. This made her grow a special interest in knowing and studying new plastic techniques with which to transmit everything that danced in her thoughts. With the passage of time, she will embark on larger projects, creating larger canvases. That awakens in her a great interest in urban art; in muralism specifically.

Her ease to master brushes, pencils and colours makes her develop with great ease when dealing with any subject. Among her recurrent themes we can find freedom, dreams and even a reality of her own that she builds based on feelings, concerns and memories that the artist has in mind in her day to day experience. With the aim of transmitting each of these sensations, she associates colours to all the special moments and she reflects the purest essence of the imagination through each stroke. In the summer of 2021 she was invited to paint in the project Derrubando Muros con Pintura – Summer Edition at the Municipal Playground.

Here you have her answers to our «Derrubando muros test» to get to know her a little better:

  1. Favourite place: Razo
  2. Favourite food: pasta carbonara
  3. A color: yellow
  4. One word: ephemeral
  5. A feeling: gratitude
  6. Favourite artist: Frida Kahlo
  7. Favourite Carballo Mural: Black Mask in the Thermal Baths – Marina Capdevila
  8. An artistic technique: painting
  9. In 10 years I will be… fulfilling dreams traveling around the world

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