Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva


Tooltip Text Arxentina (Bos Aires)

AnimalitoLand is Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva’s visual universe; she is an Argentinian artist of Portuguese origin who currently lives in Madrid. Her creations live in a world of magical creatures that feed on feelings and adopt multiple shapes and colors, inviting us to join the image and hear how our hidden self murmurs a small song.

In words of the artist herself: “We live harassed by a darkness that slowly makes us sleepy. I think that imagination and sensitivity are forgotten tools that need more training. Connecting with strangers from all backgrounds and cultures made me ponder over this universal language that we all instinctively know but don’t necessarily speak every day.”

Illustrator and graphic designer

A self-taught illustrator and graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires, she spent more than 10 years experimenting in different areas of interest. She started with comics and fanzines, then worked in animation, video games, toys and graphic design, combining various styles and techniques.

After spending too much time in the studio, she decided to go out into the street and started painting freely, which was a revolution both at a personal and artistic level. As a result, AnimalitoLand has been nurturing a very personal style that travels all around the world.

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