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Alba Fabre was interested in art from a very young age, even being a tattoo artist for a small while. She, however, ended up studying Social Education, which she left to definitively enter the world of art and, later, muralism. She trained in the Drawing and Painting Program at the Barcelona Academy of Art, where she now works as a teacher herself. At the same time, she develops her personal work in urban art and in her studio located in Barcelona together with other artists. Her work is characterized by a figurative style that is sometimes close to Impressionism. Her works are interested in the analysis of the language and concepts of classical art, reproduced in paintings in which force and color are the center of attention. It is also possible to see in her work the influence of psychology and social issues.

She was introduced to the world of muralism by the hand of her friend Elisa Capdvila -who has painted in Carballo the mural titled Helen– since she asked her help to create a street art piece. At the time she didn’t like it very much. It was not until later, when she was invited to paint a wall on her own, that she realised she really enjoyed it. Although it is an exhausting job, says Fabre, “the final result is also great and impressive”. In her murals she also likes to connect with the environment and with the people who live in it, leaving her work open to the interpretation of the people who will interact with her murals on a daily basis.

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