“Art redraws Carballo”

Jan 21, 2021 | Arte urbano, Derrubando muros con pintura

Coralia travel magazine delves into our project Derrubando Muros con PinturaBecause graffiti was born out of rebellion and out of love …

Coralia magazine captures in an extensive report the keys to Carballo’s street art project, highlighting the town as one of the destinations to visit during 2021. In an issue focused on the best plans to visit Galicia (north western Spain) throughout the year that has just begun, Carballo occupies a preeminent place as an open-air museum that must be visited, enjoyed and explored calmly. The goal: to be able to enjoy the murals, but also, as the report explains, everything that Carballo has to offer. Because “in Carballo our senses will enjoy a continuous party, an unrepeatable experience that can only be experienced in one of the world capitals of urban art and in the Galician capital of modernity”.

You can read below the full report, written by Rober Amado with photos by Xulio Gil and also with images provided by Carballo City Council.

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