About 900 people participated in the Rexenera Fest 2021

Jun 17, 2021 | Arte urbano, Rexenera Fest

Carballo’s open-air street art museum already has about ninety murals created by artists from all over the world

A new edition of the Rexenera Fest has just finished, the seventh now, and Carballo wears a new look thanks to the work done by the six artists who accompanied us this June. But in addition to continuing to tear down walls with paintings in a creative process that the neighborhood and visitors have been able to see evolve live day after day, the balance of the International Street Art Festival also includes the numbers derived from parallel activities.

And numbers speak for themselves: despite the pandemic, participation in the activities carried out throughout the ten days of the festival is around 900 people. They enjoyed the games and the guided tours through the nearly 90 murals that make up the great open-air museum that Carballo is already. Many more people can be added to these nine hundred through the constant programming of guided tours that we offer throughout the year. If you want to visit the murals, you just need to gather a group of people and fill out a form. It is for free.

All of them will be able to enjoy the work of the six artists of national and international projection who have visited us this year. His works await you in different corners of Carballo:

  • Franco Fasoli (Argentina): Río Miño Street | Río Sil Street. He created a mural titled Pandemic Costumes, Watchful Neighbors and a Single Mother. Monumental in size and completed in less than a week, it was also the first to be finished.
  • Marta Lapeña (Madrid): 49 Fábrica Street. The artist has left a colorful tribute to the pottery of Buño village. It is placed at a street that you have to pass thorugh when coming from Buño.
  • Ana Langeheldt (Andalusia): Río Mandeo Street. Located near the courthouse and next to a park, the dreamlike spirit of the artist’s works can be seen in her mural.
  • Harsa (Aragon): Camelias Street. This artist and illustrator has painted a beautiful mermaid in front of the park that bears the same name as the street.
  • Van Vuu (Catalonia): Milagrosa Avenue. Iván Floro, real name of Van Vúu, created a beautiful hug, faithful to the neo-impressionist style of the author.
  • MØU (Galicia): Rosalía de Castro Street. It is the only mural that is still in process, since the artist joined later. But is already nearing completion.


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